Professional Maintenance and Repair

Our service is complete and as follows:
  • The entire riding surface will be closely examined for breaches in the gel-coat surface. All scuffing and foreign substances and scum lines will be removed by hand.
  • All old a dry caulking within the seams will again be removed by hand. Each seam is then examined to identify any damaged and rough edges.
  • All imperfections and blemishes in the gel-coat including deep scratches, chips, cracks, or blisters. Are taped off and repaired using Ashland gel-coat. Damage to any of the seams is also repaired one side at a time.
  • All hand rails and risers are examined for damage and cleaned by hand
  • The entire slide is then power buffed using Sattax, a marine based brick polish designed for slides .This waxing is very important and leaves a thick coating between the rider and gel-coat surface of the slide.
  • All slide leaks will be repaired from the inside of the flume.
  • All slide seams are then filled using fresh Sika 1A, and wiped smooth. (The Sika 1A takes 12 hours to cure).
  • Water flow rate is tested and adjusted to provide the maximum efficiency for your rides and pump.
  • All structural bolts will be adjusted to 300psi
  • General Painting.
  • Parts replacement.
  • Steel Structure Repair.
We also provide an array of other services such as:
  • Floor Resurfacing
  • Fibreglass Stair Systems
  • Pump Replacement
  • Play Structure Parts
  • Acid Washing Pools
  • Stop and Go Lighting
  • Bathtub Repairs
The Slide Guy uses all natural products; the slide is dry cleaned with no harsh chemicals. It is possible to service your slide leaving the pool and hot tub activities undisturbed.

Our services usually are provided once a year but will we be available year around for any emergencies that may arise.

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